Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My brother gave me some good advice regarding dealing with my difficulties. I thought I'd share it:

"I was reading the gospels and the thought occurred to me that the more we focus on the wide open spaces of the Kingdom of grace, the smaller our problems become. As humans we PREFER to focus in our difficulties like a large man focuses on buffet signs (sorry, it's the best metaphor I could come up with). But LOVE never shrinks. His love is limitless, and ever-expanding, which means it can be as big as we need it to be, in order to dwarf our problems." ec
God's love literally dwarfs our problems. That's an active verb. He acts on our behalf. It's not just my struggle to see things clearly or to figure stuff out, or to apply what I know of grace to the situation. He acts for our good, for His glory, on His terms.

Isn't that awesome?


Grace said...

hi Ms. Brawley! that is really good advice! i found your blog a few weeks ago, but have not yet commented. i'm so glad that the music turned out well at your service on Sunday! I'm sorry for my ignorance, but do you call them services or is there a specific name? Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

annie said...

Wow, that is an excellent reminder of how it is. How often we forget the dwarfing power of God!