Monday, July 7, 2008

Fresh Eyes

I got up this morning - my first 'real' day home since two weeks away - and as I walked/stumbled down the stairs towards the coffee pot, I was struck with an early-morning 'wow'.

Walking down the stairs in my relatively comfortable, three-bedroom, two-bath, 2.87 acre lot home with electric heat and air and fresh paint on the walls, I thought, "Man. I am blessed." Just feeling the width of the staircase and seeing the open hallway was rather stunning.

(Of course, because I'm not a morning person, it doesn't take much to stun me before I make it to the coffee pot. But still...)

After living for one week in a hotel room with five kids and then another in a two-bedroom condo with seven other people, I guess I can't overlook the fact that I am blessed.

I live in such ignorance at times.

God, forgive me. And open my eyes again and again and again....


Jan Owen said...

isn't it amazing how we lose sight of what we have? i remember after Hurricane Katrina being so thankful for baths....and being able to use a flush toilet.....and flush it. :) I wonder why our eyes are always on what we DON'T have?????

and I'm with you on the morning thing.....not a morning person.....must be that musician thing. It's against our union agreement to be morning people. haha

Bill said...

Good to have you back with YOUR EYES OPEN AND COFFEE IN YOUR HAND, dear! We missed you. You do have so much to be thankful for..."been there seen that."

Jayne said...

There's just no place like home.... Welcome back! :c)

Ktea said...

welcome home :]

i always forget what its like to have a dishwasher while i'm at school...then i'm reminded of how nice it is to have SPACE and my own room.

so i understand EXACTLY what you mean. :]

Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to have seen that your smile, words, and song still touch so many. Thank you Beth Brawley (AKA Ms. Case) a teacher, a friend, who saved a troubled kid years ago by taking me on an adventure to see the musical, "Oliver". I am forever grateful for your kindness and your Servant heart. Just wanted to say "Thank you"...forever a student...Dawn Tanner

beth said...

Dawn Tanner???? WHERE ARE YOU????