Friday, January 22, 2010

Help Haiti - Rejoice!

Yeah, I know. Haiti, Haiti, Haiti.

But life goes on there. Life and death.

If you haven't seen this on the news yet, please watch. Over seven days, buried in rubble, and yet the human spirit perseveres.

Your heart will quake - in a good way.

Have you ever seen such a smile?

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Enchanted Oak said...

Thank you, Beth, for continuing to remind us that Haiti is in dire straits and we must not move on to the next interesting thing in the media. I'm so disgusted with the media, because I was in it and I know what they're saying, "Haiti is old news. We need NEW news."
The new news is that the nightmare down there continues. Keep praying! Don't stop! Keep fund-raising! Don't stop! They need us still!