Sunday, January 31, 2010

PCC Online - Were You There?

Did you join us today for online church?

If so, please leave a comment below and help us out with some info.

How many people were watching from your location?
Where did you live?
Was this your first experience with PCC?



Ktea said...

1. just me from my apartment :)
2. richmond, va
3. no, but PLEEEEEASE keep streaming online! it's sooo nice to be able to go to pcc from school!

Gail said...

I am here Beth with a chihuachua, 2 cats, a parrot who joined in with the praise music, and my fish. Love that we are connected despite the snow to worship! This great when you can't make church

Christian Miller said...

yes absolutley needed! I felt sooo connected with you all. Praise GOD for this awesome opportunity!

Michael Shepherd said...

2 People
Charlottesville, UVa grounds
I've been to PCC many times

Robb Major said...

1. It was just me.
2. I live in Downtown Richmond, Shockoe Bottom area.
3. This was my first Sunday morning experience with PCC, but not my first experience with the PCC family.

Sammy said...

Hi Beth. 2 adults and one dog watched from Glen Allen. I've visited PCC a couple of times.
Great job today!

Tim said...

Very awesome ! Thank you all for sharing.

Jon said...

There were four of us watching from Powhatan as PCC members!

Daleen said...

2 people

Tyler Wenrich said...

thank you that was awsome

Anonymous said...

The four of us!! :)

Powhatan, Va.

We love PCC and we are PCC's :)

Thanks for bring it to our living room.

Anonymous said...

linda porterfield..yes i attended online just me from my home. needed this message. thanks

Leighann Hines said...

1. Two of us
2. Powhatan VA
3. No, but loved it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, It was just me watching, Trish, and I live in Deer Run and this is def not my first experience with PCC. I can't ask for a better church

GermerothFamily said...

The three of us watched today - my hubby, daughter, and myself :) We are in Mechanicsville and were so happy we could enjoy church despite the weather! This was not our first PCC experience.

We loved the music!! See you guys next week!!

Mary Beth Ayres said...

1. Two people and my dog!
2. Varina
3. First worship experience as I work at ACC.


David Glassbrook said...

2 of us here in Powhatan.
Thought it went really well! Thanks to everyone for their work on this..

Leigh Herring said...

1. The Herring family tuned in. It was 3 of us (Kennedy watched most of it!)
2. Powhatan VA
3. First time I watched on line-and it was great! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and effort!!

melissaDavis said...

Hi Beth! Its Melissa Davis I was tuned in this morning in my P.J.s I loved the message and the worship! I miss seeing everyone in person, but like everyone else I am snowed in! Great work P.C.C. That is why I call you my HOME!

Anonymous said...

this is linda again, couldn't figure out how to put my name up like everyone else so i just put my name in comments lol

Anonymous said...

1 person
Farmville, VA
yeah...i've been to pcc before

Anonymous said...

Three of us from Gentio West in Powhatan. Regulars at PCC.

Kristy said...

1. There were three of us. Although one was bouncing a ball =).
2. Powhatan, VA
3. Nope but loved the flexibility of the church and the progressive nature in reaching people. I am proudly a member.

eldrocmel said...


-Midlothian, VA

-No. We attended PCC for about 6 months, and have been called to another outreach ministry. (For us, online PCC would be an amazing resource and meet our needs)

Thank you for today! It was awesome!

Colleen Wisniewski said...

one person
chesterfield, va
no, awesome job!

Karen said...

1.) My mom and I, but we're on seperate computers.
2.) Mechanicsville, VA!!!
3.) nope, i've been attending for over a year.

MarK Tapscott said...

How many people were watching from your location?


Where did you live?


Was this your first experience with PCC?

No, I have had the pleasure to share with you guys lots!

Mark Tapscott, Atlee

Anonymous said...

Three of us wathing from the Firehouse in Short Pump Station 22.

This was ggreat!
Jim Nevius

Anonymous said...

The Gresham family - Great job. Thanks so much. 3 of us watched. Powhatan, members of Red Lane. God bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

3 people watched.

We live in Spencerwood West.

PCC is our home church.

Anonymous said...

1. Mostly I watched by myself, but my kids stopped by during the stream and thought it was very cool!
2. I live in Chesterfield.

3. This was my first experience with PCC and it was a privilege to be able to worship with you! May God continue to bless your ministry.

K. Church said...

AWESOME! There were 2 of us here watching you all!!! We are in Midlothian and have attended your church before for a memorial service.

Anonymous said...

5 and 2 dogs
Powhatan Va
ps.loved the service in our pj's

Hope Hamer said...

2 people- myself and my 3 month old who loves to "sing" along

Highland Springs.. out by RIC

This was my first experience and I loved it! Thank you for providing the opportunity to worship with you.

Morris Crew said...

The Morris Crew -- Only one stayed
for Service. GREAT JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

1 Mom and twin 5-year olds watching from Fairfax, VA. We loved it! I've known Susan and Brian for over 20 years. We visit PCC when we visit Granny in Powhatan.

Anonymous said...

This was good. I was the only one home to watch and enjoy Judy Muscat

Brenda Green said...

Dennis and I watched and worshipped with you all. It was awesome to be able to still feel like we were at PCC even though we were in our den. Great music and message and it came through loud and clear. Froze a few times but only for a second or two usually. The chatter was a bit distracting but still cool.
Thanks!!!!- B&D Green

Wells said...

Shannon and Frances like it. In Powhatan .

Madison said...

We had 4 from Easley, SC. Our service was cancelled due to snow so we appreciate being able to join in your fellowship.

Brian & Susan's sister-in-law and her family.

Anonymous said...

Just me watching
Western Powhatan
Been at PCC for a few years but this was awesome - there have been MANY sundays that I haven't been able to attend church due to working muliple jobs (thank you recession) and I've really missed it. In fact, I feel so far away from God since not attending regularly. This gave me that one chance to have it with me in my home and still be able to be a part of church. I am so thankful you did this!! Seeing everyone today made all the difference. I needed some God today and you delivered when normally I would not have been able to attend.

Anonymous said...

The Bryant's Two adults viewing from our home in Powhatan. We are members of PCC!

Jackie said...

2 of us

Thank you so much. It was great!!

Jen said...

The Kimbles family of six.
Powhatan. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Great job done! Thanks to everyone for making it happen. Praise you God and thank you for letting us hear your word today.

Debbie said...

Hey Beth, I watched! It was great since my church, like all others in Powhatan, was closed today it was wonderful to be able to listen to Brian and join PCC for worship You guys did a wonderful job!! I am so glad I got a call from a friend who told me to tune in! God bless.

The Wells said...

We like it. We love PCC

Stockers said...

Two people watching from Genito West in eastern Powhatan.
Members of PCC!

Judy said...

2 of us here in Powhatan -

Loved it!! PCC is our church home!

Judy and Jimmy Ringgold

Anonymous said...

Two of us watching from Powhatan as PCC members. Great Job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, My husband and I watched together this morning from our home in Virginia Beach, VA. We go to Coastal Community Church and our pastor,Hank Brooks recommended this site to us. Thanks for taking us to worship this morning when we were unable to go out to get to our church.
God Bless,
Rachel & Carl Sell

Stefanie said...

That was awesome! Ryan and Stefanie Boggs here in Powhatan, less than a mile from the high school. Definitely not our first time at PCC, Brian married us! Great job guys!

mayrehab said...


A wonderful experience that Kathleen and I enjoyed. A tremendous idea for future use, especially for those who are shut-ins, nursing homes, etc. I can see a great utilization of spreading the Word through marketing this service to facilities all over Richmpond and surrounding counties.

Kathleen and I thank you, Brian, and the entire production team for making this happen.

Kathleen and Bobby May

Anonymous said...

Brian's Aunt Sallie in Va Beach watched in my PJ's. It was great to see and hear Brian. Hope you can do this often - not just on snow days.

Sandy said...

Sabatini - 2
Love PCC!! Great job today to everyone involved in putting this together.

Lori Moore said...

It was just me. I live in Powhatan and am a member of PCC. What a wonderful experience!! The music, Brian's message and the online fellowship was simply amazing. I hope we continue to explore this avenue to reach out to those who cannot always attend in person either due to weather or other circumstances.

Vicki said...

Beth, Church was awesome today. You guys did a wonderful job. Its great that the snow couldn't keep us from worshiping with our church family. Robert and I watched from home here in Powhatan.

Anonymous said...

We here at the Myers-Turner household in Powhatan were watching - at least those of us who are home. It was me (Randy), Tammy and Josh - along with our puppy Ziggy. We are of course part of the PCC family. We loved this experience. It definitely felt like church to us! Great worship music and a message that we REALLY needed to hear right now. GREAT job, y'all!!!

Connie K. said...

3 in Powhatan, 1 in Harrisonburg VA, at JMU, but it cut out on her part way through.
Regular PCCers!

We need to start doing this weekly. God made this possible to show us a Greater Thing we need to be doing that transcends any location.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Pam and Bruce were watching from the comfort of our couch in a warm house despite the snow.

Flatrock, Powhatan

DSL was working, but buffered quite a bit.
sound was good
Picture good

This was awesome!

riderinthestorm said...

Just me
Kila, MT
Great service!

jabezvision said...

Audet family- 3 of us were very blessed by PCC Online this morning from East Chesterfield. God Bless you all for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Just me watching (don't think my dogs count). I live in Virginia Beach, but attended PCC before I moved here a year ago.

Cheryl & Tony said...

Hi Beth and Team,

Cheryl and Tony Tomandl here
Members of PCC

Tried to post once, but must have done something wrong (technically challenged here!).

Enjoyed the service SO much. Had a few times we had to refresh, but probably on our end.

Thanks to all of you for the hard work and passion!

Lindsay said...

2 adults and 2 cats watching from Richmond, VA. We are regulars at PCC, but absolutely LOVED this new opportunity and loved sharing it with folks that are new to PCC. Thank you so much! It was AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

1. 1 person watched
2. Powhatan
3. Not new to PCC
Thank you. I know it took a ton of work and it was GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I love having church online! It is a great way to connect with PCC during bad weather. You guys did a GREAT job! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Mostly me, but my girls stopped by to listen on and off. =-)
2. Bon Air.
3. No, I love PCC but I don't get to attend as often as I would like!

Ric said...

1. One person watching (and 1 intrigued cat)
2. Powhatan County
3. I am a PCC regular

The audio and video quality were good. A couple of hiccups, but nothing that a refresh couldn't cure. Thanks for the blessing of my pj's.

Anonymous said...

There was 5 of us watching this morning. We now live in Dryden, Virgina, which is in South Virginia. We used to live in Powhatan and atend PCC about 6 months ago. We haven't been able to find a home church quiet like it yet. It was warming to the soul to hear the message this morning. Please continue.....Your Family and freinds the The White Family

Anonymous said...

Jackie Patton-Manuelhere watching from sunny Arizona. Loved it, hope to be able to watch it again later. It was just me and the dog on my lap. Haven't found a new church we like. Hope you do this on regular services, like what I heard and saw and would like to see more. Being logistically impossible to attend your church. LOL. Online every Sunday would be wonderful. Thank you Beth for the invitation. I really needed to hear this today and would like to see Brian every Sunday.

Tricia Tiller said...

3 Tillers
Home in Powhatan
Regular attenders

So glad we didn't miss church today! Thank you!

Glenda Walthall said...

Tom and I; Powhatan, No

Anonymous said...

My son and I attended your service this morning and loved it! We live in the Bottom and this was our first experience with PCC. I found out through Facebook (Lindsay Harris). It was truly awesome and a powerful message that I needed TODAY! Thank you so much!

Sean Murphy

Denise said...

One watching continuously, 2 others in passing
Live in Powhatan
First experience with PCC
Thank you for sharing...this was great! I love being able to get the Word even though I am snowed in. Due to streaming/freezing problems I missed the end of the message-would love to be able to see it again!

Chris-WAUQ/WRIH said...

I watched in my living room with my laptop hooked to my TV. I live in Henrico and was blessed by the worship and teaching. Keep up the great work and faithful giving to the world in the name of Jesus!

Leslie P said...

That was awesome online service (GPS analogy great). I attend and am committed to one of the many churches in the Richmond Metro area that was closed today due to snow. I am the only one in my house who watched. I have never attended PCC, but work/worked with many who are members there. Also work with someone from your sister church in Chesterfield County. We live in Powhatan (downtown Tobaccoville!), but commute from Lakeside (stuck in Lakeside, so watched from there).

Connie K. said...

Just found out my daughter's boyfriend at Virginia Tech was watching. I would assume it was just him.
He's from Powhatan, been to PCC a few times but regularly attends a different church here.

The Paxton Family said...

Four people (two adults, two kids) were watching. We live in Powhatan, and are members at Evergreen Community Church but have visited PCC in the past. Thanks for filling the hole in our Sunday morning so effectively - this was a great idea.

Donna Smith said...

Dean and Donna Smith watching from home in Powhatan.

Members of PCC!


Anonymous said...

2 people
live in Powhatan, watched in Blacksburg VA!
No this was not, but would LOVE to continue, love to go to my home church at schooL!

Beverly V said...

Enjoyed this service on-line. Only 1 viewer (me). First time with PCC. Message was great. Worship was great. I live in Chesterfield, off Courthouse Rd exit on Powhite Pkwy. You are a blessed church. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Just one person worshiping with you from my home in Moseley. What a wonderful way to keep people connected to a church family when it is not possible to attend in person. What a wonderful tool this could be for reaching out to those who are homebound for any reason. Thanks for bringing the church to us.

susan said...

western powhatan
no, active member

great idea and keep it going for all those who cannot or choose not to go.

where was tony the last 2 days, missed seeing/hearing him

Karen Bonner said...

4 Bonner's, from Powhatan, were watching...Paul floated in and out!
We are proud members of PCC. What an awesome way to make church happen! I hope we can watch it again without the breaking up. Thanks guys are GREAT!

momoftwo said...

one person from Powhatan

I have attended services before at PCC

I enjoyed the service this morning! I do hope that you can have more services online in the future.

Thanks :)

anne said...

1) Me and my four boys watched together!
2) Powhatan
3) not our first experience..................but LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity to worship online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Needed God in my house this morning.

MattSatt said...

2 adults and 3 kids from Chesterfield County. This was our first experience with PCC even though we know much about the things you are doing.

Erin Lonon said...

just me from my dorm room at school
high point, north carolina
i attend pcc all the time when im home!

Matthew said...

I was watching from Richmond Va in my apt snowed in by myself. I would love for yall to keep doing this. I know many people from my family that live far away are really interested in watching as well

beth said...

Kirtner fam loved it. 5 watched in jammies :)


regular PCCer's

thank you to all of those who were involved in making it happen this morning !!!

Kirsten Contaxis said...


Love, love loved it!!! Of course not nearly as much as in person but would be great not to have to miss just because my shift falls on Sunday


stinnett said...

I was there this morning. Three of us. Thank you so much for this. I am a nurse a work weekend baylor so rarely get to church anymore. There were no excuse this am. It would be great to do this every Sunday. There are many who want to be there, but can"t.

stinnett said...

Yes, I have been to PCC many times just not able to get there as much anymore.
Live in Cumberland.
Forgot to include it in above.

Anonymous said...

Lance and Cindy were on - and what great timing - we needed the message and the music - what a gift. Thank you - Thank everyone for making this happen today!

JulieS said...

There were 3 people in our house this morning that tried to watch the PCC first online experience. - What we saw was awesome! ... But lost the feed, and wasnt't able to get back. We live on Steger Creek Road in beautiful Powhatan! - As with anything new, we realize it may take awhile to get all the kinks worked out. - Keep up the good work! Always so proud of our PCC leadership! Whoop! Whoop!

The Erdman Family said...

Two adults and two children in and out. Powhatan. We are PCC members and really enjoyed being part of the online church community expereince on a snowy day at home. Would be great to be able to watch from home when the kids get sick, but nothing really beats being there live. This was a close 2nd and we loved it.

Josi Bunder said...

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