Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whiteboard, Anyone?

In May of 2008 part of our staff team travelled north to attend the first Whiteboard Sessions. Created by Ben Arment, it was a new concept of hearing short talks from a great lineup of leaders and pastors.

It was a great time. I met a blogging friend - a great writer and inspiring pastor - in real life. Had a great lunch at Maggianos. Heard Perry Noble for the first time and was simultaneously offended, intrigued and inspired. Met Tim Stevens and picked up a copy of "Pop Goes the Church".

I really enjoyed it and felt it was well-worth the investment of one day. Heard some great and inspiring words from some fascinating people, and had a great time with my co-workers.

Since then, Ben Arment has relocated (twice, I think) and done some other stuff. He's back in VA now.

And The Whiteboard Sessions are back.

Jonathan Falwell. Perry Noble. Al Mohler. Carlos Whitaker. Tony Morgan. Jon Tyson. Eric Mason. James McDonald.


I'm just saying.....



Angie said...

ok, count me in!!!

Jackie said...

I want to go! :O)