Thursday, January 21, 2010

"I Don't Have A Choice, But I Still Choose You"

Posting this because it breaks my heart.

Music has that power, to take us into a story that we don't even know, and within 300 seconds reshape our understanding of a moment.

Great art holds up a mirror to our souls. A simple lyric, an ostinato on one string, the rawness of the human voice and a little dissonance. Grace. Aural grace.

I think that Kim will like this, and Jayne and Jenn and Hope and Mary Elizabeth and Angie. I hope they soak in its grace today.

HT to my brother for his impeccable musical taste and guidance.


mary (elizabeth) said...


Isn't it crazy how ONE note is all it takes to captivate you?!

Love this.

Thank you, friend.

Angie said...

Wow, music has always had the ability to captivate me. I feel like I am there experiencing the emotions of the writer and performer.

Love that song!

Thanks, Beth.