Saturday, January 30, 2010

PCC Online - Live Worship Tomorrow

Big news around here:

All of VA is snowed in. Everything is cancelled.

Including church services tomorrow.


Tune in tomorrow for our first ever LIVE STREAMING WORSHIP EXPERIENCE!

Church, online, via the amazing power of the internet.

You'll be able to watch a little bit of worship and Brian's message - live - from the comfort of your home.


Check out this site - tune in tomorrow at 11:00 AM for the service. You'll be able to log in and chat with other folks via text - just like AIM, Facebook or gmail chat.

We're excited about using this technology for the Kingdom. It's an experiment - so bear with us if it looks like we're not sure what we're doing! We're just willing to try WHATEVER IT TAKES.

PCC 2.0 - here we go!

Find the site now at You can go ahead and log-in to enable chat and you'll be ready for tomorrow!

1 comment:

beth k said...

It was great :) Thanks so much all who had a part in making it happen. 5 viewers in jammies at our household :)