Wednesday, June 9, 2010

David, On The Value Of Studying

On the way home from a post-Senior-Awards-Night trip to Brusters, Tony was lamenting the fact that he had to go home and study for a test. The awards extravaganza took three hours (well worth it, but I think the length took us by surprise. We were naive.) Tomorrow is the last day of Tony's current school semester.

Here's the exchange:

DAVID:  "Tony, don't stay up until 2:00 AM studying. Then you'll fall asleep in your class."
TONY: "I don't have a choice. I have to study."
DAVID: "Tony, you always have a choice."
ME: "That's right, David. You can always choose."
DAVID: "Tony, you should choose like me. Go to bed. And tomorrow, just guess."

I laughed. I mean, I shouldn't have - of course, the kid should value studying over guessing at the right answers.

But he seems to have a plan. And I guess he's working his plan.

DAVID:  "Seriously. I just guess. And I make A's and B's."

Educated guesses, I suppose.

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