Saturday, June 12, 2010

So Long Self Day Four

Things I don't know yet
Exactly how tomorrow's service will go; I missed rehearsal Wednesday night...
How to baptize somebody.
Things I'm learning
How to baptize somebody...
To see what's there and quit worrying about what's not.
Things I'm praying for
Shannon's future
My friend Jackie and her family
Things that are getting on my nerves
My hair
The pain in my neck (literally)
Things that scare me
What I can't control
Not fitting into my clothes
Things that make me happy
Memories of an awesome party for Shannon with a lot of my favorite people together in one place
An extended family that gets along and lives out grace as best they can, to honor God
Relaxing with the family by watching "The A-Team", which I never thought I'd like, and laughing my head off

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