Monday, June 14, 2010

Gosh Darn It, God Likes Me!

You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus. Our God and Father abounds in glory that just pours out into eternity. Philipians 4.19-20 The Message

My Day, Part 1
Paid bills this morning. It's been an expensive month; graduation, etc. Yikes.

I'm out of checks. I didn't put a check in the offering box at church yesterday.

I remembered that we can give online. So I did.

It always seems a little ironic; I mean, the church pays me because I'm an employee, and then I turn around and give some of it back. But obedience brings blessing. I want to learn how to live generously.

My Day, Part 2
Got the mail this afternoon.

Found a refund check from Ann Taylor. Looks like I overpaid the bill somehow. So they sent me some money. Pretty close to what I gave when I clicked "donate now" on the PCC website.

It always seems a little ironic; I mean, God makes provision for me through a job and a steady paycheck. And then I turn around a give some of it back. And then He turns around and gives some of it back. And then...well, you get the picture.....

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