Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Long Self Day Five

Things I don't know yet
What song we'll be singing at Jackie's dad's graveside service
Why I ate ice cream AND four Oreos tonight
Things I'm learning
That it's an incredibly moving honor to baptize somebody
That if it's natural, it's easy
Things I'm praying for
My family
That I'll DO what my pastor SAID to do in church today when it comes to sacrifice and my kids
Things that are getting on my nerves
I. Feel. Fat.
My neck hurts
Things that scare me
That our days are numbered
That I am wasting more money than I should be, rather than giving it away to those who really need it
Things that make me happy
Lots of time with my daughter Sydni
Being married


Bill said...

OK, took me a while but I'm tracking with you now! Some thoughts (Thanks to Bloglines which you taught me about!) I't kind of interesting having you you looking at me "from your posts." I like's the Your posts are the selfrevealing friend I've come to know and love. They cause me to reflect on my answerss to the prompts you are using. I'll be following the next couple of days and anxious to read the results of this experiment on yourself....AND US!

Brian C. Hughes said...

good job on doing what your pastor said!

I know why you ate ice cream and oreos...because they are a gift from God, heaven sent, a divine pleasure, and maybe...just maybe...because of the prayers of me and the multitudes, the craving has a deeper meaning and cause.