Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lindsay Cookies

I met this girl a year or so ago.

She's turned into one of those people that I can't imagine not working with every week.

And I haven't even scratched the surface of getting to know her.

I just know the joy of working alongside her, whether we're making music, planning services, working out schedules or eating hummus.

I can't imagine a better gift to me as I do the work God's set before me at PCC. Lindsay Harris is a gift, a gem, an inspiration and an accountability partner. A good writer. An incredibly intelligent woman. A brilliant musician.

And now, she's a blogger! Go visit - she'll make you smile. Good things will come of this newest venture, I am sure.

Leave her some comment love, and bookmark the site. You'll want to go back.

(Hoping for some cookies, myself...)

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Thank you for this….I firmly believe that God planted you square in my path for so many reasons. You are a lightening rod of music, love, passion, and conviction and I love you dearly. You have helped me grow more than you’ll ever know. Thank you, thank you…thank you, thank you (hmmm…song just popped into my head). :)