Friday, May 7, 2010

Open Mic Night At PCC

Here are some details about Open Mic night at PCC on Friday, May 14 at 7:00 at the Powhatan Campus. First and foremost, if you are already serving on the music team and content with your position and playing time, you do not have to audition/perform. You'll stay on the rotation. However, if you want to do more, a different role or just stretch yourself, this is the time for you to show off what you've got.

Here are a few more FAQs and the responses:

  • DO I NEED TO BRING MY OWN MUSIC? WILL SOMEONE BE THERE TO ACCOMPANY ME? I will be there to play keys for anyone who needs it, although you should make sure I knows the song (check with me in advance if it's not a tune we normally do). You can bring an accompanist of some sort if you'd like, or a track, or sing a cappella.
  • WILL THERE BE AN AUDIENCE? It will be an open room and others are welcome to listen. We're there to encourage one another.
  • WILL INSTRUMENTS BE AVAILABLE? SHOULD I BRING MY OWN?We'll have the piano, a drum kit and a basic acoustic guitar (without a pickup). Other than that, bring your own. The sound board will be on and we'll have DI's for guitarists if you don't bring an amp.
  • CAN I SING WHATEVER I WANT? Sure! Any style, any genre - it doesn't have to be a "Christian" song. Make it something that you love, something that makes you shine.

Please contact me with any other questions. And nudge your friends and neighbors who want to get involved! Looking forward to a GREAT summer of music at PCC!

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