Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Reasons I Love PCC

I love these guys. Two of the finest men you'll ever meet.

When they walked out together at the PCC Building Dedication, I got choked up. I looked at them and thought, "There's our pastors." I love these guys.

Chauncey Starkey is the site pastor for our Powhatan Campus. He's one of the most capable men I know. He knows something about everything, it seems. He adores his wife and family. He is full of riches beyond imagination when it comes to quotable statements (we're keeping a book and recording each one...) His heart is huge. Chauncey is a good man.

Dennis Green is the Westchester Campus site pastor. He is smart and funny and quiet in a way that always proves he's listening. He's honest and kind. He adores his wife and family. I know that Dennis would do anything within his power to help anyone who needed anything. Dennis is a good man.

When two good men like this are entrusted with leadership responsibilities, good things happen. God is moving in our community, and using our church in some pretty awesome ways. Dennis and Chauncey are trustworthy men. They count on God.

You can count on them.


Anonymous said...

Amen!!! Wonderful men. We are so blessed!


Fred Brothermen said...