Sunday, May 16, 2010

When I Think About The Way...

I attended church today. I went in early, helped with the tech run and getting things organized. But when it came to the actual service, I attended - I did not serve. I went to Westchester at 9:30 and had a terrific experience, seeing first-hand what it's like to go to church in a movie theatre and watch a message on video (in a word: AWESOME. And the seats are unbelievably comfortable!)

At 11:00 I walked into the Powhatan campus of PCC. The music was stellar; it was so fun to sing along and clap and really worship under the leadership of the great musicians on the platform.

Brian's message - though I'd heard it earlier that morning at Westchester - was compelling. God's been twisting some truth throughout my heart and I'm wrestling with a few things regarding generosity and my lifestyle (more than likely the impetus for a blog post later this week; I'm still processing).

And then today I receive an email from my friend Beth Anthony. The text said, "PLEASE WATCH THIS", and a link was attached.

I watched it. And in light of 1) a worship song that I find almost unbearably powerful and quite meaningful on a personal level, and 2) the current teaching that we're experiencing at PCC, it hit hard.

And I think it's worth sharing.

It's cute, to a point. But then it becomes a good bit more than cute.

Watch. And think.


Hope said...

Made me teary. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is living proof that what we pour into our kids is what will come out. What we allow them to be exposed to will influence who they become. Look at all the violence,hatred,racial bigotry that is all around us, right here in Powhatan and throughout the country.This is why we need to realize that transformation should be what we strive for and as we do, our children will see what loving Jesus is all about.

This little guy has no reservation about singing to God! How cool is that?
He's not worried about what people think...I want to get to the place where I can worship without the fear of what others think. I pray that parents will step up and take responsability to expose their children to the things of God .